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Community Group Support

Community Group Development

Working in Groups can be fun, fulfilling and motivating. Start and maintain your group using Julie's simple "Guidelines for Community Groups".

Having developed and maintained many Community Groups, Julie can help you;

  • Start a Group
  • Develop the Group as a Team
  • Understand your Group
  • Grow your Group
  • Maintain the Group
  • Close down the Group

Julie is highly experienced and trained in the development of Environment and Landcare Community Groups and Catchment Management Groups as well as Community Environmental Advisory Groups. However, the principals are the same with most Groups and her experience can help guide you through the process or provide your group with some invigoration.

Community Group (Association) Governance

All incorporated Associations must update their Constitution before July 1st 2019. Click here for full details of Community Groups/Associations legal rules for operation in Western Australia.

Need a new Constitution or do you need to update your constitution? Julie can help. Do you know how to understand the rules within your constitution? Julie can help you clarify and explain the rules of your constitution.

She can also help you understand your Community Group Committee's roles and responsibilities, including the Committee as a whole and individual roles such as;

  • Chairperson
  • Vice Chairperson
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Committee Members

Managing and Mediating Conflict within a Community Group

Amongst any Group of people who come together there may be challenges along the way as the Group meanders its way towards achieving their united Vision. There are many reasons why conflicts occur, but inevitably they do. It is notably how quickly the conflict gets acknowledged and how fairly it gets resolved, that reflects the most positive outcomes for the members of the Group and the Group itself.

After managing Groups for more than 20 years, Julie has many skills to pass on to your team members and your Group. She is available for assistance with conflict management and mediation.

Julie can also explain the rules of mediation and conflict resolution within your constitution and help you create your own policies within your Group. This can help to ensure that if and when conflict does arise within or externally to the Group that a well-balanced, fair and thorough mediation and conflict resolution process is available and is used.

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