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Wetlands on the Swan Coastal Plain (SCP) are unique, complex and highly biodiverse. They play an extremely significant role in maintaining water quality and quantity in both the groundwater and above ground watery systems of the SCP. Wetlands perform a similar function in the ecological environment as our kidneys do in our own physiological system. Our kidneys are the blood filters, cleaners, nutrient balancers and provide the necessary support systems to our entire body. The wetlands do the same for our waterways and watery systems as well as provide life support to the entire landscape. Without functioning kidneys humans will eventually die, and without functioning wetlands so will our creeks and rivers and associated landscapes.

In the urban landscape wetlands are often highly compromised and many of them buried, filled or changed beyond recognition. However, there are many that provide some function even with compromised biodiversity and water quality. Our wetlands can be very forgiving if given an opportunity to reach an ecological balance. Fat Frog Consulting can provide the guidance, on ground knowledge; assist with project development and implementation supervision if needed, to bring your wetland back to a balanced, biodiverse and more sustainable condition.

Julie, as the Director of Fat Frog Consulting, has two decades of practical on ground experience in developing wetlands from scratch through to resuscitating them back into functioning ecosystems. She is happy to help you start, assess, manage, and if necessary, guide you through the project implementation process to finalise your project, or by getting the necessary baseline information and finding the right people with the right level of experience and practical technical expertise who can assist you to develop, manage and complete your project.

Wetland Creation

Wetlands can be created with good planning, the right landscape, full hydrological assessment and a thorough understanding of what ecosystem services you can expect the wetland to provide.

Julie can help to guide you through the project development and implementation process ensuring that you can create a functioning wetland ecosystem without massive long term maintenance costs.

Restoring and Managing Wetlands

Wetlands can be very forgiving, but left to their own devices with continuous urbanisation impacts they slowly degrade causing human health issues and assisting the spread of environmental weeds.

To restore wetlands you need to;

  1. Assess what can be improved in the wetland
  2. Understand the catchment that feeds the wetland
  3. Assist to develop a communication action plan
  4. Create and/or implement a restoration plan
  5. Look at opportunities to fund such a project

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